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Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in Hotels

Top 10 Free Summer Activities in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv in the summer really is the place to be.  The city comes alive with a unique energy that can only be felt during the summer months. Whether you are coming to the city as a guest of ours or not we have some great recommendations on what to do to really make the most of your visit. Here are our top 10 summer activities for Tel Aviv that should not be missed.

1. Matkot on the beach – Join the fun and participate in the famous Israeli “national sport”. It’s pretty easy, just grab a few paddle boards a ball and get a good spot along the shoreline of the beach!

Tel Aviv Beach Hotels Atlas


2. Bike ride on the promenade (tayelet from Tel Aviv to Jaffa) – Grab a Tel Aviv green bike for the day (or if you are a guest of Atlas Hotels use one of our free bikes available to guests) and enjoy the beautiful view of the water all the way from the Northern part of the city until old Jaffa.

Tel Aviv boardwalk near Tal Hotel


3. Carmel Market – Come and walk around one of the most famous markets in Israel. The Carmel Market goes straight down from Allenby to the Carmelit bus station near the sea. In the surrounding alleyways and streets you will find market stalls selling everything: from fresh baked goods, fruits, cheeses, jewellery, clothing to Dead Sea products and more. Plus, located just behind the market, the neighbourhood of Kerem HaTeimanim (one of the first neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv, founded by Jews from Yemen) offers a look into the history of the city and what it looked like at its founding.

Tel Aviv center Hotel - Center Chic

4. Neve tzedek – Walk around the lovely historic neighborhood of Neve tzedek where you can see beautiful old houses restored by designers and unique designer shops. Don’t forget to stop at the famous Suzanna restaurant if you are hungry, and Anita coffee which is known by some as the best ice cream in the city.

Tel Aviv boutique hotels - Atlas Hotels

5. Bauhaus Tour – known as the “white city” because of the over over 4,000 buildings built in the unique Bauhaus Style during the 1930s.  Take a guided Bauhause tour and learn the history of this type of architecture and how it came to be so popular in Tel Aviv.  You can event stay in our Cinema Hotel, an original Bauhaus building full of history and unique charm.

Cinema Hotel Tel Aviv

6. Jaffa – The ancient port city, is a not to be missed! Walk around the famous Jaffa flea market where you will find many shops and stands with antique and vintage items.  Or stroll around the streets, pop into some of the clothing/jewellery boutiques or enjoy great food and drinks at the abundant amount of bars and restaurants in the area.  Don’t forget to walk around old Jaffa with the antique narrow streets and take a step back in time to see what the city looked like centuries ago. If you are looking for a place to stay our Market House Hotel is in the perfect location in Jaffa!

Market House Jaffa tel Aviv Hotel


7.  Artist Market – Do you need to bring back presents? Don’t miss the artist market only open on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can find lots of beautiful handmade products sold by the artists themselves.

Tel Aviv Hotel Artplus

8. Restaurants – Feeling a bit peckish during the day? Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, take advantage of the opportunity to try food from all over the world (Vietnamese/Thai/Japanese/Russian/Gruzini/Indian/Mexican and more),  you name it you can find it in Tel Aviv.

Tel Avivrstaurantours


9. Nightlife – Known as the City That Never Sleeps, Tel Aviv comes alive, every night, with amazing energy. Interesting Bars and fun dance clubs are open 7 days a week, until day-break. You have to make the most of it!

Tel Aviv clubs and bars

10. The Port – Are you are looking for restaurants, shops, nightclubs all in one local? Well then the Port is the place for you. You will find it all at the Tel Aviv Port. Whether it’s during the day or at night, go for a walk and enjoy the nice atmosphere. Take a bike ride along the port boardwalk or participate in early morning yoga that takes place occasionally. Or stop in at the Shuk HaNamal (port market) with gourmet food stands and great restaurants. If you want to be close to the Port our Yam Hotel is in the perfect location, located right at the entrance.

Port Market by Yam Hotel


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