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Posted on Mar 30, 2013 in Artlpus Hotel, The Room is on Fire

The Room is on Fire

The Room is on Fire


Artplus is one of the many unique boutique hotels in the Atlas Chain.  The hotel is entirely dedicated to contemporary Israeli Art and its creation was a collaborative project between Doron Sabag and the Atlas Chain.  With the purpose of showcasing original Israeli  contemporary art, there are pieces featured from Sabag’s own private collection while the rest of the hotel is filled with site specific works from Israeli artists.

Each Hallway in the hotel contains an art piece spanning the entire length of the hall and are all original pieces by 5 different Israeli artisits.

Over the years the hotel has expanded the amount of art work in the hotel by inviting artists to create unique pieces in guest rooms of the hotel.  This project entitled “the Room is on Fire” is an ongoing project where guest rooms feature artistic creations from local artists.  Currently there are 5 rooms in the project.

“Isabelle” room 310 Painting in room 310 of Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv






Room 305 in Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv

Untitled –  Room 501






Room 107 at the Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv

Simple Messages – Room 107






Room 201 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv Untitled – Room 201






Room 401 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv Untitled – Room 401

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