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Posted on Aug 15, 2017 in Hotels

Tel Aviv’s Top 5 Burger Spots

Who’s Hungry?

It is no secret that Tel Aviv is one of the top cities to experience Israeli cuisine and fine dining. Combining various traditions without any commitment to ground rules makes it one of the most impressive culinary experiences in the world.  The “no rules” rule leads to unbelievable combinations, delicious dishes, and a unique culinary adventure. And even though Israeli cuisine is hands down one of the best, we are here to talk about something else…burgers.

Tel Aviv, especially in the past few years, has been stepping up its hamburger game with a wide range of different gourmet-style joints all around the city. Instead of arguing over where to find the best hummus, people are enjoying the endless burger options Tel Aviv has to offer. Whether you are looking to share a romantic evening, grab a quick bite during work, or have a night out with friends, we can all agree that a great hamburger is always a good idea. Here are our top 5 burger spots in Tel Aviv.


Mendele 6

Can you say YUM? You will after trying this place. Due to its slightly random location, Prozdor is rarely the talk of the town, but it is definitely one of the most promising burger joints in Tel Aviv. Known for their extremely welcoming attitude and homey atmosphere, this burger spot is number one. Their unbelievably unique menu options are sure to make your jaw drop. Favorites such as “Spicy Fake Shack” which transforms your average cheeseburger into a jalapeno party in your mouth and their Onion Lover which layers caramelized onions, onion rings, and gouda cheese to perfection, really make this place stand out. For those who believe less is more, they also have burgers without cheese (After the Rain-recommended!) and vegetarian options. Prozdor offers a business lunch special from 12-17:30 when you can get a side and a lemonade for the price of a burger.


Lilienblum 40

This place is too good. It almost doesn’t make sense how good it is. Vitrina does just the right amount of fancy with the perfect touch of “Woah”.  The meat is cooked to perfection and even though their specialty burger includes blue cheese, it is just as good without it. Served with a side of half potato, half sweet potato fries topped with a zesty lemon blend, you cannot go wrong. That and their extremely satisfying purple, beet ketchup, and garlic mayo aioli side to drown your fries into really hits the spot. If your mouth isn’t watering already, and especially if it is, go to Vitrina.

26 Hamburger Gourmet,

Mikveh Israel 26

This spot takes the classy, American burger and gives it a little French pazazz. Instead of your average white bun, 26 Gourmet puts their juicy meat patty in between two, tasty, brioche slices. Although their menu isn’t very long, each item is special and has its own unique flavor. The inside might be small and give off a “burger shack” vibe, but don’t be alarmed as they offer comfortable outside seating and have great service. The Foie Gras is a huge crowd pleaser, combining sweet and salty in ways you can’t imagine,  and will leave you wanting more and more.

America Burgers,

Allenby 112

America Burgers does not play games- their menu is short, sweet, and to the point and their name pretty much says it all. Located in a prime location on Allenby only one block away from Rothschild Blvd. you can imagine this place is constantly packed, and with good reason. Their fun, diner atmosphere and awesome, bilingual speaking staff make for a good time no matter the occasion. They cook their patties to a perfect medium (upon request) and don’t cheap out on the fries.  For a good-ol’ American feel in the heart of Tel Aviv, head to America Burgers and prepare to be amazed.  Oh, did we mention they serve fried pickles?

Susu & Sons

Herzl 6

Newest to the Hamburger block in Tel Aviv is Susu & Sons. Their grand opening at the end of Rothschild Blvd. was less than a year ago and right away the new street food kiosk was a success! Omer Miller, the famous chef of the hip burger stand, is well known in the Israeli restaurant world for his talented culinary expertise. Miller’s Israeli influence sheds light on Susu’s wild burger toppings including egg salad, blue cheese, guacamole and for those whose taste buds really go above and beyond, lobster. Opening at 12 pm and closing when the last customer completes his potato ball side, SuSu is definitely one of the top places to try when you’re looking for that late night bite.

We hope that you get to try out most of these places, along with the huge variety of Israeli cuisine Tel Aviv has to offer. A little tip from us, restaurants are extremely busy on Thursdays and Fridays- please be aware and make reservations, if you can, beforehand. Enjoy!

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