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Posted on Feb 18, 2013 in The Room is on Fire

‘Simple Messages’ room 107 Yochai Matos


In this guest room, icluded in the ongoing project “The Room is on Fire” at Artplus Hotel, the work of artist Yochai Matos is featured.

The peice entitled ‘‘simple messages’ is a sculptural light installation in the shapre of a heart and is made from some twenty neon tubes.

Today the heart is a graphic sign which has become cliché, a brand name an icon. But by introducing it as a work of art Matos explores the meaning of its power in order to invoke diverse responses from the audience. In the hotel room, a space that is both public and intimate, the piece is mounted over the double bed as a bed is identified with ideas of romance and love. The piece humorously alludes to concepts of love, kitsch, love of art, and the ability or desire of the heart itself –

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and the work of art – to move and stir emotion.

Room 107 at the Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv Room 107 at the Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv

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