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Posted on Mar 25, 2013 in The Room is on Fire

Room 401 – Untitled – Nivi Alroy

Room 401 – Untitled – Nivi Alroy


Joining the other 4 rooms in the ongoing “The Room is On Fire” project at Artplus Hotel is room 401 with artwork by Nivi Alroy.

All the pieces in Alroy’s work are made out of wood and the images were carved into the wood with small knives.  In addition, all the images in the artwork are architecture buildings surrounding the hotel.

Each piece of wood is that of small continents and islands representing that at one time the whole world was connected but then split apart to create these separate areas.  In her artwork Alroy is expressing the problem between the center and the peripheral areas.  It is a utopian piece containing wishful thinking.  Perhaps one day we will all be connected and when we are all connected there will be no problem of separation between the center and peripheral.


Room 401 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv rm 401 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv

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