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Posted on Feb 19, 2013 in The Room is on Fire

Room 201 – Untitled – Elad Kopler

Room 201 – Untitled – Elad Kopler


Another one of the rooms included in the ongoing “The Room is on Fire” project at Artplus Hotel is the piece ‘untitled’ in room 201 by artist Elad Kopler.

A strip made of pink synthetic fur on the wall leads those entering the room to the artwork.  Mixing humor into this piece he uses the pink fur to create the form of a television set as the center of the art piece, which leads the viewers imagination to the world of children’s play rooms. A wall drawing that grows hair creates the artwork to be a three dimensional structural – sculpture shape enveloping the walls and ceiling.

Kopler personifies the electronic appliance by giving it arms and so transforming the television into a living creature, a type of threatening evil-alien caricature likely to be found in a science fiction movie or a futuristic-apocalyptic scene. The television, Kopler says, is drawn from the past, yet forms an integral part of the future. The humor thus becomes cynical and sarcastic, invoking a critical gaze at consumerist culture and technology’s domination of contemporary society.

Room 201 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv Room 201 artplus hotel Tel Aviv


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