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Posted on Feb 17, 2013 in The Room is on Fire

Room 305 – Untitled – Leav Misrahi


Included in the Artplus Hotel  “The  Room is on Fire” project is this guest room by artist Leav Misrahi.

room 305 in the Artplus Hote Tel Aviv

In this room the artist put  images on different walls of  the guest room.  These images include a tree, house, deer and fox.  At first glance the room may look like that of a child’s. From far away the images look to be hand drawn, but when looked upon closer one can see that the images are created from staples.  This can create a feeling of disturbance as one goes from the idea of  a naive children’s setting to the realization that it is not.


The artist based his work on the psychological theories of the hunted (victim) and hunter (predator) which exist in all relationships.  This relationship is unbalanced and is a power struggle between the two people.

Room 305 Artplus Hotel

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