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Posted on Jun 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

June/July Tel Aviv Events

Tel Aviv Happenings:

Depends On Where Festival: June 22; 12:00 PM
Municipal Building, Rivka Greenwald House, Radio EPGB, Engineering Administration Building.

This festival is part of the Weekend of Architecture and Art in TLV. Throughout the festival there will be a variety of theatrical performances, dance and musical recitals. See shows where you least expect them, instead of a traditional theater venue. For more information click here.

israel atlas hotel Laila Lavan (White Night): June 26; 18:15 PM
Florentin neighborhood, along Rothschild Boulevard, in the port area, along the beach front and in other locations.

Stay up late to enjoy TLV’s special annual event. This will be TLV’s 11th annual Whit Night Event! The city’s cultural venues stay open all night, and the streets will flourish with activity and attractions- for free.

water war tel aviv israel boutique hotels Water War 2014: 4th July, 3:15pm, free
Rabin Square, Ibn Gvirol Street,
Get ready to cool off. This is TLV’s 10th annual water war and attracts more people each year. A fun event for the whole family! Bring your water guns, and get wet

Global Nature/ Local Nature: July 8th; 10 AM.
Eretz Israel Museum.
See prize-winning wildlife photography. The international photographical exhibition from the Natural History Museum of London will be displayed side by side with a :A Photo of nature #2″ exhibition from Israel. The Israeli exhibition focuses on photographs of animal taken in Israel. For more information click here.

Atlas Boutique Hotels Titanic Artifact Museum: June 7th – August 23
The Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center
See more than 200 ancient artifacts from this international exhibition. See a recreation of the ship’s rooms, and hear stories from passengers who sailed the doomed 1912, maiden voyage. For more information click here.

Dolls Art: July 13; 10:00-18:00.
Old Jaffa Museum.
Something for the whole family! See the makings of the best Israeli, and abroad doll makers in the world. See the dolls on show and see the wide range of styles and techniques. For more information click



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