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Posted on Feb 17, 2013 in The Room is on Fire

Isabelle – Room 310 – Yonatan Herschfeild


Part of “The Room is on Fire” project at Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv, room 310 contains an art peice by artist Yonatan Herschfeild.

The idea being expressed in this fresco painting “Isabelle”  is that of  Sinner/Saint.

In the painting, which hangs from the ceiling of the room,  you will see the figure of  the Holy Maria going up to heaven, yet you can also images of dogs and that of another woman, Isabelle.  It is stated in the bible that Isabelle was thrown to the dogs because of  her religious beliefs and was thus cast as a sinner.

The artist is also expressing his beliefs of the tense relationship between western culture and local culture.  He is further articulating this point by painting his artwork in a non realistic technique , which then creates more tension in the work.


Painting in room 310 of Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv

Room 310 Artplus Hotel Tel Aviv


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