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Posted on Oct 2, 2013 in Arthur Hotel, Artlpus Hotel, Center Chic Hotel, Cinema Hotel, Harmony Hotel

Hummus–Beyond the Chickpea


It’s one of the most long-standing arguments among Israelis: What is the best hummus place around? Ask five random people on the street, and you may receive seven different answers. Everyone has their favorite place, and some might have three favorites!

chickpeaThe complexity of the hummus fandom is one that tourists may not completely understand. Hummus in Israel isn’t merely a side dish; it’s the perfect snack, it’s the entire meal at times, and it’s a way of life. You can find this staple on any table ranging from a Shabbat dinner, to a wine tasting, to a BBQ—yes, even at a BBQ.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to try the plethora of hummus eatery options here in Israel, we suggest scouting out some of our favorites. Ta’ami is mere steps from both the Atlas Hotels Israel

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Arthur and Harmony Hotels in Jerusalem. One of the favorite among locals in Tel Aviv is Mashawsha. Located on Pinsker Street, it’s a maximum six minute walk from the ArtPlus, Cinema, and Center Chic Hotels.

We’re always happy to hear about our guests’ experiences while in Israel, so feel free to share any other places you’ve tried or recommend.

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