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Posted on Nov 18, 2013 in Center Chic Hotel, Cinema Hotel, Hotels, Nova Like Hotel

Favorites of the Israeli Winter

The beaches may not be buzzing, but there’s still plenty to explore this winter season while in Israel. Here are Atlas Hotels‘ recommendations for top activities in Israeli winters:

Jerusalem Hanukkah

1) The Hanukkah season: The streets are lined with warm, gooey sufganiyot and, glistening menorot, and bright colors. Walking through the old city of Jerusalem at night is remarkable. Menorot brighten the streets and create a warm glow throughout the city.

Each year in Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv, the city hosts a giant chanukiyah lighting ceremony. Cinema and Center Chic hotel guests have a front row seat to this epic party in the city’s center. Shalom Hotel & Relax, Melody, and ArtPlus guests aren’t too far either!


Silvester2) Sylvester: New Year’s in Israel is unlike other traditions. This secular holiday celebrates winter with a large feast between family and friends. Although Israel has its own new year’s (Rosh Hashana), this holiday is linked to the Gregorian calendar and gives people another reason to come together and celebrate the holiday season.

3) Eilat: Israel’s southern-most city is still warm throughout the winter months–usually ranging between a low 15 to a high of 25 degrees Celsius. The Nova Like Hotel has a swimming pool open to guests year ’round, and is just a short distance from the main beach. Restaurants and bars line the promenade next to a pier with games and rides as well as an indoor ice bar. If you’re travelling with kids, don’t miss the aquarium! There are live shows each day.

Nova Like Hotel, an Atlas Hotel

4) Fresh Fruit: Israel prides herself on the booming agriculture industry and locals love the fresh fruits and vegetables that come in the cooler winter months. Favorites include strawberries, bananas, pears, persimmon,

Atlas Hotelsand assorted citrus. This is the perfect season to experiment with fruit salad, jams, and glazes!




Although it’s not as hot as the summer months, we encourage guests to check out the Tel Aviv beaches too. This winter has been mild so far, with temperatures reaching between 25-30 degrees Celsius even in late November and early December!

Tal Hotel, an Atlas Boutique Hotel

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