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Posted on Dec 16, 2012 in Arthur Hotel, Bay Club Hotel

Coming Attractions at Atlas Hotels


Creating the ultimate one of a kind guest experience is the core philosophy of the Atlas Hotels Israel Chain. With 10 hotels and 7 boutiques we have become the largest boutique hotel chain in Israel, and now we are adding two more boutique hotels to our diverse group.

ARTHUR Jerusalem and Bay Club Haifa.

“Arthur” invites guests to journey back in time to the early days of modern Jerusalem. Named after the historic Arthur James Balfour (who had a huge impact on the creation of Isreal) the hotel uses his legacy to pay homage and embody the sprit and influence that the previous generations had in the creation of the city today. Built in the colonial style with 54 chic guestrooms, the hotel invites guests to explore the rich history of Jerusalem by highlighting the most interesting periods in the life of the city. Yet it also provides an endearing perspective on the people, styles, and cultures of the past (notably Turkish, Jewish and English) and how they influenced the emergence of Jerusalem as we see it today.

Bedroom from Arthur Hotel Jerusalem, Atlas Hotels

Guest room from Arthur Hotel Jerusalem









Bay Club is the first hotel in Haifa for the Atlas Chain and we are very excited to be expanding into new cities throughout Israel. Built on a historic landmark from the 1920’s four floors were added to the structure of the building with each one matching the exact look and style of the original. Surrounded by a lovely picturesque garden, the hotel was built and designed in the spirit of the famous resort towns of the Mediterranean, such as

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San Remo, Cannes, and Monte Carlo. Besides the 55 beautiful rooms one of the highlights of the hotel is the spacious, airy lounge which opens up to an enchanted clear pond flowing at the roots of ancient trees. Bay Club invites guests to celebrate the glamorous, dreamlike quality of these beautiful cities on the other side of the Mediterranean in Haifa.

Guest Room from Bay Club Haifa an Atlas Boutique Hotel

Guest Room from Bay Club Haifa Hotel



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